Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Coming Up.

First I have to thank you all for coming back since my last posting. My shoulder is feeling good and it's been great getting back to what I love. I've had lots of fun framing your stuff. I've done some kids art, some diplomas, a couple of original watercolors, some posters, lots of photos, some interesting textile art, and much, much more.
So now I'm encouraging you to think about Mother's Day. It's just around the corner, you know. Just a short 5 weeks away. I know that sounds like a long time, but time flies when you're having fun and you just might have so much fun you forget to get that special something framed in time.

Some ideas:
  • Of course photos are always a hit with mom. Snapshots you got recently of your family or of a special occasion. Old photos, maybe a bit tired, cracked, torn, or worn. Even if it might need some restoration, bring them in. I do restorations here & I can make 'em look just as good as new.
  • Does your mom have a favorite hobby? Scrap booking? Bring a special page in.
  • Gardening? How about a photo she took of her favorite flower.
  • Sewing? What about a special fabric or maybe a collection of swatches or tools she uses.
  • Quilting? Quilting is perfect for framing.
  • Collecting? How about a sample of some of her collection.
  • Music? I can frame an old record with or without its cover. A group of CDs or old 8-track tapes. A favorite piece of music.
  • Memorabilia. What about some art that you created when you were a youngster? I'll bet you can remember bringing home a great piece of art you did way back when and your mom loved it but never got around to framing it. It's never too late. I know she'll love it.

Oh, by the way, maybe you're married to a mom. All of the same things above still apply... and more.

  • Do you have some photos from your last vacation? Let's make a fun collage with them.
  • Your kids always have endearing collections or works of art that deserve showcasing. You know mom would love it.
  • Is there a christening gown you used for all your children? Framing that gown will save it forever.
  • How about some artifacts from your child's birth? Hospital photos, footprints, baby bracelets, bassinet labels, baptismal records. What mom wouldn't love to put a collection like that together and display it in a special place.

Whatever it is, together, we can design a great display and find the perfect frame.

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  1. Great ideas!

    Maybe we can come over at some point and pick out the frame for the pictures you have from Olivia's 1 year photo shoot. I'd at least like to get those.
    I need to bug Marianne again for the rest of them...