Monday, November 16, 2009

Colorful Custom Mats

With the holidays coming, I offered some gift idea in my earlier post. Now it's time to think about not just what to frame, but how to frame it.

Framing artwork can be fun. Posters, sports memorabilia, and animation art, children's art all send themselves to bright colors. Enhancing art with color is a refreshing change and brightens up any home or office decor.

If you are a collector or have any pieces of animation art, the first thing you'll notice are the vibrant, striking colors. And we're here to help you choose which colors in the artwork should be used for the matting and framing. In the example shown here, Fred and Barney come alive with smart color choices. A bright blue extends the sky, surrounded by a thin bright orange second mat to highlight Fred's outfit, with the third yellow mat pulling it all together to match Barney's hair. The bright orange frame completes the design.

Abstracts also lend themselves to powerful, colorful designs. We can make interesting, unique designs to perfectly fit each piece. This abstract piece was framed using bands of color instead of one flat mat. The blue, red, and yellow matboards picked up the colors in the artwork. Surrounded by a tangerine frame, the piece pops.

Even a traditional painting can be made to look up to date using a rich colored mat and metal frame. The wider, deeper blue mat was chosen to pull that color out of the painting and liven things up. A white frame surrounds the art, but it is followed by a thin beeswax color that is highlighted by the walnut and silver leaf frame.

We look forward to seeing your artwork and helping you decide on a colorful custom made mat and frame design.

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